What Is Salicylic Acid & What Are The Skin Benefits?

It can be hard to know what sort of ingredients you should be looking out for when it comes to skincare products, but there are a couple of must-haves you should always try and incorporate into your beauty regime somewhere… and salicylic acid is one of them, especially if you suffer from acne or breakouts.

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (so look out for BHA on products if you’re not sure) and it works wonders on clogged pores, penetrating deep down to dissolve the bonds between surface skin cells. Over time, you’re sure to notice that any blemishes you have are diminished or disappear altogether. Amazing!

It also acts as an exfoliator and can reduce sebum secretion, so if you’re prone to oily, shiny skin (which contributes to breakouts), you could see a real difference quite quickly if you find a face wash that has salicylic acid in it.

You do need to be slightly careful when using it, however, as it can dry your skin out, so if you start to see flakiness or dry patches, perhaps use your face wash less or avoid certain areas.

If you suffer from black or whiteheads, this wonder ingredient can also make a real difference to the quality of your skin, so you no longer need to suffer in silence. You can do something about it quickly and easily!

It will depend on the severity of your skin problems as to which product would be best for you. If you struggle with spots on a daily basis, a face wash is probably best but if you only see the occasional breakout, spot treatments may be more appropriate.

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