TikTok’s Top Beauty Tricks

Women all over the world have been tuning into TikTok to watch videos of people doing their own hair and make-up, particularly during lockdown when none of us could let our favourite salon work their usual magic.

As a result, lots of exciting beauty trends have emerged from the social networking site that many of us had not heard of, or considered doing, ourselves before.

For instance, 23-year-old Brit Aalia Khan advised fans not to use an orange corrector on their skin, saying: “Instead, I go in with a concealer or foundation two to three shades darker, then brighten up with a lighter concealer.”

The make-up artist for Bobbi Brown said: “This helps especially around the eye area, as lot of products in that area are not for everyone. It also means your concealer doesn’t have to be full coverage as it will just be brightening the area.”

Those worried about the condition of their skin could follow Alexandra Anele’s advice of moisturising frequently.

Among her videos is one that talks about keeping her skin hydrated, with Alexandra saying: “Dry and oily skin alike, you need to hydrate. I walk around looking like a glazed donut with the amount of skincare products I wear daily.”

Lots of women might feel self-conscious at the moment, as they have not been able to get their regular lip fillers in Bristol over the last couple of months.

However, Miana Lauren recommends a temporary solution to create a stronger pout. The 20-year-old told her 326,800 fans: “To create a bold lip, I like to overline the cupid’s bow on the upper lip slightly, and follow the natural borders with lip liner. Next, over-line the bottom lip [but] only in the centre, then follow the natural line everywhere else.”