Could Almonds Make You Look Younger?

Something that none of us can avoid is getting older, and with that, we have to face greying hair and skin that loses its elasticity and shine. However, some experts now believe we can postpone the signs of ageing simply by eating almonds every day.

Scientists at the University of California are so interested in the connection between the nut and skin health they conducted a study into whether almonds can reduce wrinkles to determine how much diet has a part to play in making us look old before our time.

They found a “daily snack of almonds in place of other nut-free snacks can improve measures of wrinkle width and severity in postmenopausal women”, an article by fitness and nutrition expert Madhuri Ruia stated.

While she recognised that nothing can be done to combat intrinsic ageing, which is a natural process all of us will go through, there are ways to slow down extrinsic ageing that is based on environmental factors. For instance, smoking, unhealthy foods, lack of sleep, and stress are all known to damage collagen and cause premature fine lines.

Therefore, she said: “It’s important to take care of each of these points to maintain your skin’s health and preventing it from sagging and developing wrinkles.”

Adding almonds to your diet could also help, as the researchers determined the nuts’ healthy fats and vitamin E have anti-ageing properties that seem to boost the appearance of skin.

A handful of almonds could make all the difference in slowing down the ageing process, while they are packed with nutrients that improve your overall health as well.

Of course, if chowing down on some nuts every day does not have the desired effect of getting rid of ironing out creases, it could be time to get in touch with us about anti-wrinkle injectables in Bristol. Give us a call to find out how we can help give you younger, fresher-looking skin.