Have You Been Suffering From Maskne?

It doesn’t matter how stringent your daily face care routine may be, we all know that breakouts can happen at any time, and often in the unlikeliest of places. Anywhere that we have sebaceous glands (aka pores) has the potential to get clogged up with dirt and oil, and that can even mean finding acne in your eyebrows.

Wearing a face mask or face covering is now a must, but many people have witnessed an increase in breakouts, which has been dubbed ‘Maskne’, as wearing a mask for hours on end can have a detrimental effect on your skin and an increase in acne.

While wearing a face mask, your own warm breath causes condensation and sweat to gather around the eyes, as anyone who wears glasses and a mask will testify! As the heat and moisture gather around the top of the mask, it leads to clogged pores.

Obviously, we need to wear a mask at the moment, so what can we do to prevent breakouts?

The initial solution is to ensure you’re wasting your face every day. Even if you’ve done without wearing makeup for months during the lockdown, your skin will still get buildups of dirt, oil, and the residue from skincare products, especially around the eyebrow area if you use a bit of eyebrow gel.

If you find you’re getting breakouts around your brows, then maybe you should consider swapping out some of your eyebrow products. The same properties of some brow products that keep them fluffy and in place also block your pores. Try switching to power-based products or pencils for now.

Breakouts, skin irritation, and eczema are not excuses to do without wearing a mask, even if the lockdown restrictions are being eased, but they are a sign that you should take care with your skin routine.

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