What Can You Learn From Korean Skincare Regimes?

If you haven’t heard of Korean beauty (or K-beauty as it’s also known) you might be wondering why Korean skincare regimes are worth a look.

But as Vogue recently pointed out, there’s a lot we could learn in the UK from the way many Koreans treat their skin. They typically give their complexion much more care and attention than we do in this country.

For instance, Alicia Yoon, founder of online K-beauty emporium Peach & Lily, told the publication that in Korea, it’s common for people to visit their beautician or dermatologist once or twice a week for a facial.

With lockdown keeping us all at home more at the moment, home skincare is certainly a trend that’s on the up. Another trend from K-beauty is that of skin immunity.

“There’s an awareness in Korea about what you need to do to keep your skin immunity up and that’s keeping your skin barrier really strong,” Ms Yoon explained.

Fatty acids and ceramides are good ingredients to look out for to help boost your skin barrier, the publication revealed.

There is also the ‘one-minute rule’ which refers to the idea that you should spend one minute massaging an oil-based cleanser into your skin before removing it, and make sure that you apply your hydrating formula to your skin within a minute of removing that cleanser.

If you feel as though your face could do with a little TLC to help get you back on track in your skincare regime, come and see us to find out about our skin peels in Bristol. These improve the texture and tone of your skin by exfoliating and stimulating new cell growth.

This is a great starting point for improving your skin and by using the right kinds of facial care products after your treatment you can have radiant skin again in a matter of weeks.