The Areas Where Dermal Fillers Can Improve Your Face

Dermal filler injections are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments and for good reason. Filler injections require little to no downtime for recovery and provide immediate results. The injections, which typically consist of hyaluronic acid or collagen, restore collagen that is lost with age, creating an effect that fills in wrinkles & plumps volume in desired areas.

So where could you face benefit from dermal fillers? Cheek fillers have become one of the most wanted treatments, according to New Beauty, but we have a look at five other areas that can benefit from dermal fillers.

Plump Cheeks

Cheeks can experience volume loss with age, especially for those who engage in high impact activities and sports. Professionally injected fillers can restore volume and the youthful appearance of the cheeks without the ‘face freezing’ effect that is typically associated with Botox.

Volumise Lips

Plump lips are seen everywhere, and one of the most well-known uses for fillers. Despite an association with over-filling, lip fillers can be customised to achieve a more subtle enhancement to the natural shape of the lips.

Fill in Forehead Lines

Fillers can reduce the appearance of static lines that are visible even when the face is at rest. The injections fill in the lines with hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally occurring in the skin.

Reshape the Chin or Nose

Dermal filler injections are commonly used as a non-surgical option to reshape areas such as the chin, jawline or nose. This can improve a patient’s side profile & reduce the appearance of a sagging neck, without the need for surgery.

Reduce Appearance of Scars

Scars can create indents and uneven texture on the face, and even if they are barely noticeable by anyone else, they can be a common cause of insecurity for some people. Thankfully, dermal fillers can be used to lessen the appearance of scars and event out the surrounding texture.

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