How Your Nose Job Can Avoid Surgery

It is not hard to find instances in the news of celebrities who have had nose jobs. But while they will have much to say about their procedures and how they feel about having it done, there are often a few not-so-pretty images of them with big plasters, bandages and bruises after the surgery.

Take, for instance, two former Love Island stars, Hannah Elizabeth and Lillie Haynes. Both were recently willing to tell the Sun how they felt and there were certainly some interesting thoughts.

Lillie, for example, said after the procedure in Manchester:  “I finally feel pretty. I’m over the moon with the results! When I first saw the results, I cried, I was so happy.”

However, that was after the bandages came off, having also admitted that the first post-op sight was “like a horror scene” with bandages everywhere.

Hannah Elizabeth also had surgery and was sporting bandages after her procedure in Turkey. But she did say she “couldn’t be happier” with the end result.

So, here were two happy customers; but with a few weeks of soreness and bandages at first. 

Some may think that is just the inevitable price to pay, but in fact it is possible to have a non surgical nose job in Bristol.

As the notes, the use of non-surgical rhinoplasty is actually on the rise, with the use of hyuralonic acid filler being a very swift procedure. Not only does it spare the bruises and cuts, but it carries little or no infection risk.

The key difference with a non-surgical nose job is it is not permanent. Instead, it will last 12-18 months, which might make it a popular choice for someone about to get married, for instance, as they will look great in their wedding photos.

Of course, some may prefer a permanent procedure and that will require the extra step of surgery. But for those who want a gentler and potentially non-permanent change, this is an alternative well worth knowing about.