Love Island 2021: Lip Filler Searches Increase By A Third

Viewers of the 2021 series of Love Island will already know that cosmetic surgery has been a hot topic, and cosmetic surgery experts have noticed an increase in searches online for ‘lip fillers’ since the new series began.

A recent episode proved to be controversial as Hugo Hammond struck a nerve with a number of the Love Island contestants when he said he does not find ‘fake’ women attractive – highlighting he meant fake in both the sense of personality and looks, reports The Mirror.

Ashton Collins, the director of Save Face, a government-approved register for non-surgical cosmetic practitioners, has claimed that online searches for lip fillers have increased by 37 per cent since the latest series started.

After seeing an episode in which the female contestants of the reality show listed the cosmetic procedures they all had – with almost all admitting to having received lip fillers, boob jobs, or Botox – Ashton has expressed concerns that the series is influencing a whole new generation of women to want to emulate the look of the ITV2 reality romance show.

He told The Sun on Sunday that the series was responsible for ‘promoting’ cosmetic surgery, and that the episode in question should have come with a health warning.

“It’s so toxic for young girls watching this because it’s creating this perception that these treatments have to be done if they are to be considered attractive or be accepted. They aspire to look like these people and it’s just so unhealthy,” he said.

“To ask them in a game is very irresponsible. ITV should put out safety messages about some of the content the contestants talk about.”

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