How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

The phrase “Winter is coming” may have been coined by the hit series Game of Thrones, but it is also a meteorological reality that will have major implications for skincare, unless you take the right steps to protect yourself.

Many women will already be taking steps to deal with the challenges of autumn, when dry air and windy weather can combine to dehydrate your face and hands, making the use of moisturiser a priority.  But winter can make matters worse, accelerating the ageing of your skin and speeding up the development of wrinkles and other blemishes.

The first thing to note is that part of the effect of winter will be much the same. Dry skin remains an issue and that means as well as moisturising, you should use a cleanser and exfoliating treatments more to keep out dirt and remove dead and flaky skin to keep a smooth, glowing complexion.

However, winter can bring some extra issues. Because you will need to exfoliate even more than ever, you should use something much gentler than you would in summer.

The colder weather can take its toll, with unpleasant consequences like chapped and cracked lips arising when you fail to moisturise them. But there can also be some unexpected impacts associated with warmer weather. For instance, if you are out in the snow with the sun reflecting of it, this can still provide enough UV radiation to cause sunburn.

Another unexpected problem could occur indoors. Winter may feel like a great time for some hot showers, but that can also have a dehydrating effect, so it’s important to moisturise afterwards.

While none of us can stop ageing without skin treatments like anti-wrinkle care, there is much that you can do to slow the process. Taking extra care of your skin in the winter will bring both immediate and longer-term benefits.

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