Signs You Need To Change Your Skincare Routine

As the weather gets harsher and the nights get colder, the conditions can be pretty nightmarish for your skin.

The windy weather dehydrates your skin, which can lead to cracked dry skin that looks and feels unhappy. As well as this, our routine shifts, such as turning on the heating and taking hot showers, only contributes to this, leading to dry skin, which may leave some people considering facial aesthetics treatments.

There are often signs to show when our skincare needs to change with the times, and so if you start noticing these, it may be time to shift your routine.

Skin Irritation

Naturally, dryness and the conditions can lead to your skin being irritated.

However, if your skin is starting to regularly itch and you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, there may be something in your routine that is causing discomfort. When that happens it is time to get in touch with a skin expert.

Discoloured Skin

Many of us sometimes get patches or blotches of skin that look discoloured. However, if it starts to happen regularly or you see a lot of redness, it may be a sign your skincare regime needs a shift to be kinder to your skin.

Spots And Breakouts

The biggest telltale sign of skincare issues is the sudden breakouts on the skin, particularly if you have no history of them.

If you have enlarged pores, spots and bits of uneven skin that you have not had previously, it may be a sign that a significant change is needed and it may be worth seeing a skincare expert to see what the root cause is.