Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Autumn

It might be sad to see the end of summer, and the nights getting cooler and darker, but there’s so much to look forward to as well, but let’s make sure your skincare routine is ready for autumn too.

Whether it’s a countdown to Christmas, or Halloween themes and pumpkin-spiced everything, as we transition from summer to autumn and the changes in the weather, our skin reacts to the changes in temperature too. The colder air is dryer, and the air in our homes is heated and dry, so it’s vital to protect your skin from increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation.

Here are some tips to help maintain happy, healthy skin all year round!

1. For super-sensitive skin, hydrate with elastin and collagen

If you suffer from sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you might experience a burning sensation for a few days during the transition between seasons. The best thing you can do is to hydrate and coat your skin with essential oils, serums and creams.

Ensure you nourish with elastin and collagen to aid the recovery of your skin.

2. Use a thicker moisturiser

As the weather changes, it is a good idea to switch to a thicker moisturiser before bed, to compensate for the change in environment by adding more moisture to the skin, and to help retain it.

3. Use a lip moisturiser and add eye creams

If you don’t use these two things all year round anyway, then they should become part of your skincare regimen during the colder months. These products will moisturise your lips and the skin around your eyes.

4. Continue Using Sunscreen

While it might not be as sunny or warm, the harmful UV radiation from the sun is still present throughout the entire year. Sunscreen should be used all year round, at least an SPF 30 cream, to reduce the amount of UV radiation and the risks of skin cancer.

5. Add Vitamin C To Your Regimen

Not only to help boost your immune system and keep colds away, but vitamin C also helps even skin pigmentation, boosting collagen production and helping your complexion.

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