How To Stop Damaging Skin When Applying Make-up

Most people want to feel good about the way they look, and for many women, this involves regularly wearing make-up to highlight their best features and hide their less favourable ones. However, did you know that you could be causing more damage to your skin with the way you apply your make-up?

Skincare expert Dr Nichola Cosgrove told The Sun one of the worst things you can do when getting ready in the morning is pulling the skin around your eye to put eyeliner on.

Lots of ladies tighten the skin to get the perfect line, but Dr Cosgrove said: “What might seem like light pulling to you is actually quite aggressive to our fragile eye skin.”

This can lead to stretching of the skin and, ultimately, wrinkles. The specialist advised to stop stretching and “use gel and liquid style eye liners that neatly and gently glide on the skin”.

Another mistake people make is how they put on foundation, with lots of women using make-up brushes as part of their daily routine.

Skin specialist Laura Andrew said using fingers to apply foundation is preferential, telling the publication: “Brushes can tug at the skin and cause friction, which can often result in more sensitivity and redness.”

The same is advised when putting on concealer, particularly as the area under the eye is very sensitive and prone to fine lines.

“Use your ringer finger and tap very gently, as this causes much less drag in the under-eye area,” said Ms Andrew.

To prevent premature ageing of the skin, it is a good idea to get lots of sleep, reduce stress, avoid processed foods and cut back on alcohol.

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